Sunday, March 30, 2008

TTC- Employees worth a million

The TTC Unions are striking because they are worth more than $27/hour. They are also demanding to be compensated in full when they take time off for injuries and trauma.

The TTC Union is running the Worth a Million Campaign.

You can see the other side of the story here. They say a picture is a thousand words...I wonder how many words a youtube video can be...

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Anonymous said...

Seriously!!? I am so sick of these strikes!! How is it that some dude driving a bus is getting paid 100,000 dollars a year to sit on his butt. Mean while all us peeps who actually require university have to shell out $3.00 dollars from their 40,000 dollar salary just because some lazy richy wants four weeks vacation. We just had an INCREASE! I propose a strike, I say ALL the TTC riders should WALK until the union goes bankrupt and we can hire regular employees like any other company. And making campaign donations?? That just REEKS of unethical. You might as well sleep with the mayor too!!