Monday, November 23, 2009

TTC Idiots

i take the ttc 2 to 4 times a day. I have nothing good to say about the service, the people who work there or the people who run it. The people who run it are absolute idiots. I dont care if the drivers or collectors are polite as long as they do their job right. If I am expected to pay $3 to take a bus I expect to get competent service. I have come across bus drivers that cant drive, that are on the phone, collectors that are on the phone, play video games on their psp, check emails etc. I am at a point where I have stopped paying for the service. Nobody says anything. I walk by the collector without paying a dime. Sometimes i just pay a penny or two. I suggest you do the same. These people are idiots. Why pay them? They constantly do something stupid with the money anyway. They waste it on the idiots who work there and then they complain about not having enough money. How can they complain when idiots like adam giambrone run things. Why dont they get someone with experience running the show? So unions can control this idiot? Get an experienced manager to run things, someone with a proper education and experience and I will pay $10. Think about it. They sell a service with an inelastic demand. That means that day in and day out people will continue to pay no matter what. How can someone fuck things up when they know how much they are going to make month in and month out. In the ttc idiocy and incompetence have taken a whole new meaning and it is not their fault. It is our fault. We elect these idiots and continue to pay for the bad service. These people are idiots, treat them like idiots and they will smarten up. If you dont do nothing will ever change.